Active leisure park “Godiņu Adventure Platform” is a platform of beutiful adventures!!!
“Godiņu Adventure Platform” offers people to experience a variety of adventurous feelings in nature.
“Godiņu Adventure Platform” is located in a very special and beautiful place near of city Liepaja, in Latvia.
There are various ways to get to the “Godiņu Adventure Platform”. For example, walking, running or cycling from Liepaja along the 12 km long section of the former Liepāja – Ventspils railway or driving your own vehicle or public vehicle along the Ventspils highway to the bus stop “Medze”.
At the “Godiņu Adventure Platform” you can enjoy the beauty and peace of nature, tea with homemade cookies, food prepared on the fire, hot chicken or fish just removed from the smokehouse, combined with a peaceful walk in the woods or a bicycle tour in the immediate vicinity, enjoying a pleasant swim in the nearby lake “Plienītes” . In the summer evenings, enjoying an unforgettable sunsets, listen to the charming sounds of a wooden flute surrounded by forest or birds singing by the fire and sky full of stars, spend the night in a tent and wake up with delicious coffee in a real country meadow.
In addition, the “Godiņu Adventure Platform” offers to organize various events, such as sports games, various sports activities, plein airs, master classes, festivals, etc. ceremonial events.
Looking forward to meeting you in “Saraiķu Liepkalni”, Vērgale parish, Pāvilosta region!

Creative festival ''kazzzdārzā'' 2020

Godiņu piedzīvojuma platformas creative festival “KaZZZdārzs” from July 3-5
On the afternoon of Friday. On July the 3rd, the participants will arrive, settle in the tent sites and enter the festival venue.
19:00 opening of the event with the event anthem, wooden flute, followed by Laura Dresina with a kokle that allows you to fly and connect with the universe, shaman drums that allow you to find your soul’s task on earth …. And other instruments …
Continuation of the evening performed by a guitarist Kristen Kupčs, who’s playing is like magic .
The design of the event will be provided by the master of sound and light – Mārtiņš Strelēvics. The event will be hosted by the attractive Liene Rūja-Lāma
July 4:
A leisurely breakfast is prepared by the fire
12:00 – 13:00 anthem of the event,
A sequel to Laura’s kokle and shaman drum. The beautiful sound of the feminine violin of Natalya Grigorovich, which will be taken over by the wonderful, young talented accordionist Asaf Alpe.
Beautiful, talented, X factor finalist sisters Sanita and Sanija Rozes.
During the evening, the participants of the event will be entertained by the fantastic and charming composition of the Fusion trio:
guitar – Kristen Kupčs,
bass – Edžus Korsaks,
drums – Marc Briška.
In addition, amber and leather masters Skaidrīte Vasileviča and Sanita Zandere with creative workshops will take part in the event and there will be an opportunity to buy the works. Pottery workshop in the fields “Virzas”. ‘’Dzīvais alus’’ will offer wine and kvass made in Latvia.
As well as during the event you will have the opportunity to indulge and experience many other surprises and adventures.
July 5 – leisurely breakfast.
Creative conclusion of the event.
Participants of the event are advised to bring their own blanket, just in case, a raincoat, anti-mosquito and anti-tick means, their favorite cup, tent and sleeping bag if you’re staying for several days, and of course a good mood.
Participation fee in the event – donations.
Payments during the event are cash only.

Hiking, cycling and boat trips

Active recreation park "Godiņu Piedzīvojumu Platforma” offers organized hikes, bicycle trips, boating events.
One of the current offers, walking, cycling, Nordic walking, running, alone, with friends, family, with colleagues, with your pet, on the route Liepāja Regional Hospital - “Saraiķu Liepkalni” along the former Liepāja - Ventspils ”railway 12 km section. In the middle of the hike, at the Kapsēdes boulder, the organizers of the event offer to enjoy a tea break with homemade cookies and other delicacies. At the end of the hike, a grand fire and boiled hot soup are coocked, the sounds of wooden flute or kokle are sung and a charming atmosphere is enjoyed. In addition, those interested have the opportunity to try their hand and make their own flute. At the end of the event, the participants of the hike have the opportunity to choose whether to return to Liepāja by their own forces, or to choose the possibility that the participants are transported to the starting point by organized transport. .

Koka flautas piedzīvojumi

The organizers of the active recreation park “Godiņu Piedzīvojumu Platforma ” offer an opportunity for the participants to get to know and enjoy the wonderful sound of the wooden flute echoing in the forrest. At the same time, those interested have the opportunity to try to play a wooden flute, as well as make their own. In addition, the “Godiņu Piedzīvojumu platforma” offers a pre-prepared specialized sheet music book, from which is easy to learn how to play the flute. As you know, the playing of the wooden flute not only creates a beautiful sound, thus pleasing both the player and the listeners, but it is also based on breathing exercises that ensure a person’s healthy well-being, as well as it has a meditative character.

The flute is undoubtedly one of the most musical instruments, as its ancestors have been a bone whistle since prehistory.

In a Greek legend there is mentioned the blowing of a row of tied reeds. Their sound is given a special charm by the tenth of a second when sound is formed in each of the tubes. This type of stable is still popular in the ancient Indian lands of South America.

In ancient Eastern cultures a flute in which you have to blow from the end, was also widely used. During the Renaissance, the flute, like other wind instruments, was made up in different sizes, arranged like choir voices. They were an end-blown recorder, in which a special head directs a jet of air against the cutting edge. Wooden wind instruments are characterized by tongues, but for the flute this function is performed by this fixed edge. Recorders were also often played in Baroque.

In Bach’s time, the side-blowing cross-flute gained more attention. Orchestras often use the smallest, but no less virtuoso piccolo flutes.

20th century The composers revealed hues of the flute that were not yet known, both by singing two sounds at the same time and by singing each other in a voice.